Gift Clarity | How It Works

How It Works


Expertise: Coaching & Samples

Learn and implement successful fundraising techniques from the industry’s leading professionals with training videos and sample scripts available at your disposal. It’s like having your own specialized coach!


Prioritize: Categorize Your Donors Based on their Propensity to Give

Developed through years of research and experience, Gift Clarity offers a powerful analysis engine that uses an exclusive list of 42 personality traits that are indicative of high potential donors, of which will be used to sort your donors on their likelihood to give.


Relationships: Build Meaningful Relationships with ALL of Your Donors

Now that your donors have been categorized, Gift Clarity offers you proven strategies to step you through each phase of building your relationships.


Technology: Simple, Easy to Use Solution Does All the Work for You

With the ease of technology, Gift Clarity maps your schedule and responsibilities for you, keeping you on task, freeing you to achieve goals you never thought were possible!



Once you sign up with Gift Clarity, here are the steps you will take to get up and running.  We will walk you through each step.  Depending on how quickly we receive your data, you could be up and running within 4 weeks!


  1. Export & upload your donor data to Gift Clarity
  2. Complete your Gift Officer commitment levels
  3. Gift Clarity performs your initial donor analysis
  4. Complete Donor & Gift Officer assignment process
  5. Data deployed and ready to go!
  6. Complete 2-day staff training course