Gift Clarity | Katie Grassmann


Katie Grassmann

Executive Assistant


Katie has always enjoyed working behind the scenes making sure that things run smoothly while assisting and equipping her colleagues to succeed.  She especially enjoys making processes more efficient and streamlined.  Even though Katie is not a fundraiser herself, she is incredibly proud to be a part of the Gift Clarity team because she believes strongly in its abilities.


Katie graduated magna cum laude in Business Management, and began her career in 2007.  Prior to joining Gift Clarity, Katie worked for a local RE/MAX franchise and a regional general contractor.  At both organizations, Katie directly assisted the owners and their executive team in varying capacities.  As Executive Assistant at her previous position with a multi-million dollar general contractor, Katie quickly grew to become the owner and President/CEO’s “Jane of all trades.”  As his right hand assistant, Katie juggled many different hats throughout a typical day – everything from managing the owner’s schedule, communication responses, and personal errands to running the company’s human resources department, processing job-cost payroll for 40+ employees, marketing, IT, and providing support to the executive team as a whole.  At Gift Clarity, Katie continues to wear whatever hat is needed at a given time, handling various administrative tasks, ranging from managing the website to handling the accounting.


Outside of the office, Katie enjoys horseback riding, cooking and baking, and admiring different types of design (interior design, web design, home design, etc!).  Katie and her husband live in Franklin, TN with their two cats, Oscar and CiCi.


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