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How is Gift Clarity different?

Gift Clarity was developed specifically for fundraisers by a fundraiser! Gift Clarity is the only resource available that encompasses all the tools needed to equip a gift officer to succeed.

Why should I use Gift Clarity?

There are so many great reasons, where do we begin?!


  1. Gift Clarity’s analysis engine will identify your donors that are most likely to give.
  2. Gift Clarity will walk you through a proven relationship strategy to build and maintain meaningful relationships with your donors.
  3. Gift Clarity’s use of technology makes keeping up with all of the mundane tasks a breeze, freeing you up to spend more time with your donors!
  4. Just a few (of the many!) additional perks worth mentioning:
  • Utilizing Gift Clarity retains all activity and notes, allowing for smooth transitional staff changes if someone retires or leaves the organization.
  • Streamlined snapshot views on your dashboard quickly show your current status.
  • Mobile compatibility makes working out of the office easy!
  • Cloud-based setup means no hardware costs or software installation hassles.

How long has Gift Clarity been around?

The concept of Gift Clarity has been successfully utilized with the nation’s leading professionals for over 30 years. These proven relationship techniques have become even more successful with the advent of technology, from which Gift Clarity was born in 2008. Originally designed as a desktop-based program, the transition to the cloud-based version in 2011 took Gift Clarity to a tremendous new level of productivity! Gift Clarity completed beta testing of the web-based version in April 2013. Gift Clarity brings many years of expert knowledge, experience and research to our clients, almost as if we were personally coaching and assisting each organization to excel.

How does the pricing work?

There is a one-time flat setup fee which includes setting up your cloud-based account, importing your donor data, performing your first analysis categorizing your donors, and training for the entire staff (travel expenses to be reimbursed). Please note that the setup fee is a flat fee, and not based on the number of donors in your database.


Once setup is complete, there is a monthly user fee, which is based on how many gift officers whom will be assigning donors. Administrative and executive user accounts are included with each tier of gift officer user blocks.


All system updates are automatically included for Gift Clarity clients, at no additional cost.

Does Gift Clarity receive updates? Are these updates included, or only available at an additional cost?

We are always working to improve and build upon Gift Clarity’s productivity and function. All system updates are automatically included for Gift Clarity clients, at no additional cost.

Is Gift Clarity geared towards major giving or planned giving?

Both. We are able to do some customization; for example, activities can be changed (i.e., changing personal visits for out-of-state donors, etc). We would be happy to discuss your organization’s individual and specific needs to help you determine the best setup to succeed.

Is Gift Clarity a standalone product to replace a donor management system?

Gift Clarity isn’t designed to be a donor management system. However, if you are a small shop that isn’t currently using a donor management system, you certainly can use Gift Clarity to house your donor data. Just be aware that Gift Clarity does not generate receipts or tax-related forms.

Does Gift Clarity integrate directly with Raiser’s Edge, and other donor management systems?

Yes! You can synchronize donor/constituent data between your Raiser’s Edge database and Gift Clarity. We will work with you to develop an efficient workflow that is custom tailored to your needs.

Can you record gifts in Gift Clarity?

Yes, and it will automatically schedule a thank you letter task. Just be aware that Gift Clarity does not generate receipts or tax-related forms.

Can Gift Clarity print receipts or tax-related forms?


Will I have to double enter information in both my donor management system and Gift Clarity?

It depends on how your organization utilizes Gift Clarity. We will work with you to develop an efficient workflow that is custom tailored to your needs.

Does my IT department need to be involved for implementation?

No. The beauty of Gift Clarity is that it is cloud-based, requiring no need for any software or hardware expense or hassle. Further, the cloud-based setup allows for ease of access no matter where you are, as long as you have internet connection.

Does Gift Clarity house the data on their own server, or will it be required for my organization to house the data on our own server?

All data is securely stored on Gift Clarity’s server, requiring no hardware expense on your end.

Does Gift Clarity securely protect my organization’s data?

Yes. Your data is stored in a secure data center and is isolated from an other data. Only you have access to your organization’s data.

Do I retain ownership of my data when I use Gift Clarity?

Yes, absolutely!

Is Gift Clarity mobile compatible, allowing me to utilize Gift Clarity while away from my office?

Absolutely! There’s no need to wait to return to the office to make a note, or record an activity. Now you can simply log onto Gift Clarity from your smartphone or tablet to make any needed updates.

Does it sync with Outlook?

Yes. You can subscribe to your Gift Clarity within your Outlook calendar.

What is the process of getting all of the data into Gift Clarity?

We will help you add custom data fields into your current fundraising software which will allow us to pull and sync data back and forth.

What fundraising software can Gift Clarity pull data from?

Virtually any software will allow organizations to export their data. We will work with you to ensure easy export and import, with a setup customized specifically for your needs. Some of the software we have successfully exported from are Raiser’s Edge, Results Plus, Banner, Salesforce, etc.

What is “reanalysis”? Is it required? How often should it be done? Can it be done more often?

Reanalysis is the process of running all of your donors through the exclusive 42-criteria Gift Clarity analysis engine, recategorizing donors and also syncing back with your donor management system (such as Raiser’s Edge).

Reanalysis is not required. However, we do recommend you perform a reanalysis to ensure you are fully utilizing Gift Clarity to its full potential.

We recommend you do a reanalysis once per year.

We do not recommend doing a reanalysis more than once per year as this can interfere with your current year’s progress and scheduling.

Are client references available?

Yes! Please visit our Contact page to let us know that you would like to hear what our clients have to say about Gift Clarity.

I want to sign up today! How long after signing up can I be up and running on Gift Clarity?

Depending on how quickly we receive your data, you could be up and running on your customized setup (including completing your training) within 4 weeks!

I am interested in learning more about Gift Clarity, are personal demonstrations available?

Yes! Please visit our Contact page to let us know you would like more information.

How can I learn more?

Yes! Please visit our Contact page to let us know you would like more information.


Computer Training ClassAs a new client of Gift Clarity, we take it seriously that you know how to maximize its potential for your organization.  Once your cloud-based account has been setup, customized to your specific needs, and loaded with your donor data, we will hold your training.


Training is a two-day course for your entire staff.  We encourage anyone that will be working in the system to attend, including administrative staff who will be doing data entry, your gift officers who will be utilizing it heavily, and your executive staff for oversight and reporting functions.


You will learn the philosophy behind the tool, and why it works.  Then, we will demonstrate how the implementation of Gift Clarity is the instrument used to execute the proven relationship strategies.


Hands-on time is part of the training curriculum, allowing you practical application and an open forum to ask organization and task-specific questions.  We will show you how to further customize your system to enable additional freedom and flexibility to hone your workflow.


Following your training, we will schedule three follow up calls (1, 2 and 6 weeks after training) to answer any questions you may have.  During the 6-week call, we will review your activity reports to ensure Gift Clarity is being used correctly and fully.


Our desire is for you to be successful.  We are not just an application; we are a team of professionals that know your challenges, and wish to create an ongoing relationship with you, becoming an extension of your team.