Gift Clarity | Training


Computer Training ClassAs a new client of Gift Clarity, we take it seriously that you know how to maximize its potential for your organization.  Once your cloud-based account has been setup, customized to your specific needs, and loaded with your donor data, we will hold your training.


Training is a two-day course for your entire staff.  We encourage anyone that will be working in the system to attend, including administrative staff who will be doing data entry, your gift officers who will be utilizing it heavily, and your executive staff for oversight and reporting functions.


You will learn the philosophy behind the tool, and why it works.  Then, we will demonstrate how the implementation of Gift Clarity is the instrument used to execute the proven relationship strategies.


Hands-on time is part of the training curriculum, allowing you practical application and an open forum to ask organization and task-specific questions.  We will show you how to further customize your system to enable additional freedom and flexibility to hone your workflow.


Following your training, we will schedule three follow up calls (1, 2 and 6 weeks after training) to answer any questions you may have.  During the 6-week call, we will review your activity reports to ensure Gift Clarity is being used correctly and fully.


Our desire is for you to be successful.  We are not just an application; we are a team of professionals that know your challenges, and wish to create an ongoing relationship with you, becoming an extension of your team.